This year the PrimeGlobal AP 2018 Pan India Sub-Regional Conference will take place in Ahmedabad (India) at the Hyatt Regency Ahmedabad Hotel. The 2018 Pan India Subregional Conference is a great opportunity for regional firms to receive an an update on the AP Region, meet and discuss a wide range of issues facing the accountancy profession. If you have questions please contact Céline Lai. 

PrimeGlobal offers member firms a wide range of exciting and engaging events all year round. From local regional meetings and personal training webinars to international conferences, PrimeGlobal events give member firms the opportunities to meet, discuss and learn about the accounting industry on a truly global scale. 

If you are a PrimeGlobal member you can read more about this event in the ‘Details and Highlights’ section below, find out more about our Speakers and Agenda and register as soon as possible! If you are a visitor please click here to find out more about our global events and contact Stacey Sanchez for information about our events.

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Event at a Glance

Saturday January 27, 2018 (10:00 am) UTC – Sunday January 28, 2018 (4:30 pm) UTC



Ahmedabad, A Legacy Of Empires

Ahmedabad, in western India, is the largest city in the state of Gujarat. The beautiful Sabarmati River runs through its center. On the western bank is the Gandhi Ashram at Sabarmati, which displays the spiritual leader’s living quarters and artifacts. Across the river, the Calico Museum of Textiles, once a cloth merchant's mansion, has a significant collection of antique and modern fabrics. From centuries-old mosques and mausoleums to cutting-edge contemporary design this Ahmedabad offers a wealth of

Céline Lai

Global Events Coordinator, PrimeGlobal

Contact Céline Lai for more information on the event. PrimeGlobal organises a number of industry leading conferences every year. Find out more about our other events in the EMEA region HERE>Find out more about PrimeGlobal events HERE>