In its January 2017 issue, the International Accounting Bulletin (IAB) released the results of the 2016 World Survey, confirming that PrimeGlobal is one of the world’s top 5 international accounting associations, with global member firms’ revenues of USD2.1B and nearly 20% growth in member firm fee income.

PrimeGlobal World Facts & Figures

According to the IAB 2016 World Survey PrimeGlobal is one of the top 5 international accounting associations, with nearly 20% growth in member firm fee income. PrimeGlobal’s growth this year is higher than that of any other Top 10 Networks or Associations worldwide. This includes having better growth than any of the Final 4, BDO or Grant Thornton.


Asia Pacific Facts & Figures

The IAB reports growth in the Asia Pacific region as well, with an 8th regional position. The Asia Pacific region is expecting further growth in 2017, with significant additions in Australia and Japan. 


EMEA Facts & Figures

PrimeGlobal and IAB report significant growth in the Association’s Europe, Middle East & Africa Region (EMEA) over the past year, with a 17% growth and the 3rd regional position. The EMEA region has performed particularly well in the Netherlands, taking the 1st position, coming 2nd in the Nordics and France, and 3rd in the UK, with significant national growth. The EMEA region is expected to grow even further in 2017, after 8 new French member firms with a joint member firm fee income of €100M joined at the beginning of the year. 


Latin America Facts & Figures

PrimeGlobal Latin America region is fast growing, with the 6th regional position, and some impressive growth in countries such as Argentina (72%) and Mexico (50%). 


North America Facts & Figures

In the North America region alone, the IAB reports 24% growth, and a total member firm income of USD1.2B, as well as a steady 4th place. The 7 new 2016 member firms in the US account for USD155M in net revenue with the balance of the 25% growth attributable to veteran firms strategically growing practice areas such as international and consulting.